Doctor reporting in

Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2017 @ 3:26am by Captain Senok & Lieutenant Sara'Draphia T'eseri

Mission: New Adventures
Location: Sickbay/CMO Office

The halls of the Talos looked like every other Federation vessel for the last fifty years. Warm, clean, Carpeted and black panels. The big difference were the extreme curve of the decks main corridors, it was like walking around a type-9 shuttle. The largest deck was deck 4 which contained the sick bay in the center of it. Senok had made his way to see everyone of his new officers since he had been assigned as the CO three days ago and wanted to make contact with the Doctor before his appointment with Admiral De Champlain in a few hours. He entered the Well equipped scientific Sickbay from the port side.

Standing over by a display, Sara was looking over her inventory before they left dock. She was sure that they were fully stocked, but she just wanted to be sure instead of finding out later when they needed something that should be there. Hearing the doors to sickbay open, Sara turned around to face the person, "welcome to sickbay, how can I help you captain?" She asked, noticing the rank pips on his collar.

Senok walked over the Nissari Officer and gave a slight smile. "I wanted to welcome you to the Talos and to see if there is anything you need."

Sara smiled, "oh, thank you captian. I am glad to be here. This ship is a little smaller than I'm used to, but I will adapt quickly. Can you tell me what kind of ship the Talos is? I have only seen one other ship similar in size and it was a tactical escort. The Defiant class I believe"

Senok leaned back against the desk the doctor was sitting at took a deep breath. "This ship is at the far end from the Defiant Class. The Naucrate Class originally came from a need to replace the Oberth Class back in 2351. She was intended to do a more indepth analysis after the large ships made the initial survey. Command drug its feet not wanting to retire the Oberth and this design was passed over. The design came under review in the 2370's to determine if the Newly introduced Nova had already surpassed it. ADSB determined the two classes had unique mission profile and after a final review, along with needed upgrades the Naucrate Class was approved as a medium range science vessel. We are only the seventh of this class to be launched and Command has only approve seventeen so far, launching about one very eighteen months."

Sara nodded, "oh, well thank you for the explanation. I hope to do such a unique ship justice as her Chief Medical Officer" she said, impressed by the information that Senok was able to give her, "as we're on the subject, why don't we get that annoying check up out of the way. I understand that a lot of people find such medical procedures tedious"

Senok looked at her for a moment, he had just had one a few months ago when the survivors of the Triton had been rescued. However , he wanted a good relationship with his new doctor and knew full well they were often over-cautious.

"Very well, Doctor. What do you need me to do?"

"All I need from you is to lay down on your choice of one of those biobeds" Sara said, motioning toward the few beds outside of her office, before closing the sickbay inventory she was looking at and moving over to stand between the biobeds.

Looking at the the two beds and deciding that they were equally sufficient, Senok, decided to lay on the one that the Doctor subliminally showed preference. Laying down on the Bio-bed the Captain placed his hands to his side and closed his eyes, waiting the doctor to do her magic.

Walking over the the biobed's controls, Sara started a basic bio-scan, "tell me Captain, do you have any ailments or injuries I should know about?"

"I Have no Aliments that are not common to Vulcans in early Mid-life. As for Injuries, I have had a broken arm and Concussion from when the Triton Crashed. All of this I am sure you know about, since it is in my records from my Recovery examinations. I am certain you are more concerned with my mental well being as all my physical problems are in my records." Spoken with a calm concise demeanor.

"Actually Captain, I was more concerned with your physical condition at present. Your emotional condition would have been a matter of in depth study for me as I have never had the pleasure of serving with a Vulcan. However, since you have already brought up the subject, have you been sleeping or meditating well lately? I do understand that Vulcans undergo severe mental discipline at a young age to suppress their emotions, an act I believe is a mistake. So I know you are ment to have no outward emotions, however you do have emotions. Starfleet needs to be aware of the physical and mental condition of its commanders. Which I'm sure you know"

"Your knowledge of Vulcan is quite impressive since you have never served with one. As for my mental state I have forgone meditation over ten years ago while on Aridon and have taken to a more Human approach of maintaining control over my more emotional aspects. I have found balancing work with pleasurable past times has allowed me a approach that Meditation never did. For Example I enjoy an Occasional beer, to bar-b-q and watching Rugby." Senok looked over at the doctor and gave a friendly smile through his greying goatee.

Sara was surprised, this was the first she'd heard of a Vulcan taking what would be thought of as an illogical path. "Is that so? Well I am glad you have found your own method of control, though I have never heard those terms before. What is a Bar-B-Q or a Rugby?" She asked, finishing off her scans

"A Bar-B-Q is a cooking method where you take pieces of meat and cover them in a sweet tomato base sauce and cook it over fire. Rugby is a sport."

"Sounds interesting, perhaps you could recommend some meats to try." Sara said, closing up her tricorder, "well, everything seems to be in line with the database. You're free to go"

"Thank you." Getting up and straightening his uniform Senok called back as he exited the door "Saturday 1800, Holodeck One."

The door closed leaving the doctor behind.

Looking after Senok, Sara was a little confused. After a moment, she turned back to her work, “Avina, can you set a reminder for me, holodeck 1, 1800 hours”

“Yes doctor, reminder set” A voice responded, as a holographic form materialised behind Sara. The form was Nissari, but she was completely blue and clearly a digital being.

“Thank you, now about these readings.....” Sara said, as she began her discussion with the Medical AI.



Lieutenant Sara’draphia T’eseri
Chief Medical Officer