Deck Listing

Nuacrate Class The Nuacrate Class is a small science vessel.
TeslaThe Tesla is the Captains Private Type-9 shuttle on the USS Talos. It is mounted conformally to the rear of deck one. The ship can be operated by a single crew, but contains seating for two. It also has a replicator, small, refresher area and double bunks in the aft section. Named after a Vulcan Scientist who was trapped on a primitive world for Sixty-Five years. Telsa Tried to teach the primitives about a safer way to do science, he was generally ignored for almost 100 years. He was rescued in 1943 and returned to Vulcan.
Type-9 ShuttlesThe four Type-9 shuttles are used to extend the capabilities of the Nuacrate Class Science Vessel.
The Shuttles are named after Scientists from the Federation

Sobon: After the Vulcan physician
Erikson: After Emory Erikson Human Scientist who made Transporter Technology Possible
Shar: After Thirishar ch'Thane Andorian Star Fleet Scientist who found a solution to the Andorian reproduction Issue
Tobin: After the Trill Engneer Tobin Dax who helped Humans develop Warp 7.

USS TamThe USS Tam is a Danube scout assigned to the USS Talos as a companion ship. Her duty is to diversify the capabilities of the Talos.