Korbin Halcyon

Name Korbin Halcyon

Position Commanding Officer, HMWS Corvus

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Hyrilian
Age 66

Physical Appearance

Height 1.79m
Weight 91.3kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Brown with the Hyrilian glow
Physical Description Korbin is a good sized man for his height. He has a commanding presence that shows his years in command. He is always in regulations and keeps his grey hair shaven in contrast to his close thick goatee.


Spouse Kiva Nermani (40)
Children Kavi Halcyon (S, 16)
Gwyn Halcyon (D, 12)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A quite man who does not discuss his past. He as an aptitude for Engineering and Tactics.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is extremly intelligent and adaptable. He does have anger issues

Speaks: Basic Federation (English), Klingon & Hyrilian. Along with a few suspected (German, Vulcan, Romulan & Orion)
Ambitions To get the Hyrilian fleet up and running
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts. Technical Studies, Military Tactics and Strategy

Personal History Unknown. He seems to appeared as an advisor to the Emperor in 2376. Was assigned as the director to build the Hyrilian fleet yards and to design ships. Met his wife in 2380 while living in the same apartment. His son was born in 2380. He was 'encouraged by the Emperor to marry the girl, which he did in 2381. Daughter born in 2384.

Completed construction fo the Hyrilian Imperial Fleet Yard in 2379

In 2380 was able to get the Hyrilian Flag ship fully operational and began construction on the Corvid Class Warships.

Hyrilian Naval Record
Commission: Officer
Service Number: 0000000
Blood Type: O-
Medical Records: Has scar from center of forehead to right cheek. This has resulted in a cybernetic replacement of the right eye.
Service Record (Censored)
2376 - Promoted to Lord-Commander Assigned to the Hyrilian Fleet Yards as Director.
2399 - Takes command of the HWS Corvus