Lieutenant Kal Shepard

Name Kal Shepard

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 175

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 198
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Strong and athletic.


Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kal tends to be a loner and has a standoffish personality. He's suspicious of people who he works with.
Has received training in Security, Tactical, Intelligence and in the SFMC.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Enjoys learning new things.
- Tends to get in trouble easily (has received a few demotions)
Ambitions To meet his parents on day
Hobbies & Interests Taking courses

Personal History Kal Sheppard was left on Earth at an orphanage without anyone knowing who his parents where. When he turned 18, he joined a merchant ship that traveled around known space. He learned about different worlds and cultures.
In 2267, He enrolled in Starfleet Academy specializing in Security and afterward received more education in Intelligence.
In 2275, his first assignment was to Project Sign, a classified assignment.
In 2301, he was re-assigned to the USS Enterprise B where he got his first shipboard Security and Tactical Experience. He was promoted and then demoted a few years later.
In 2315, he was reassigned to the new Daystrom Annex on Earth to provide security. He was ther for 10 years before being assigned back to a starship, the USS Ajax.
In 2340, he was pulled off the Ajax and assigned to Starfleet Security and Intelligence. CLASSFIED.
While working for Admiral Nechayev, another operator comments about how Sheppard remind him of someone else that he's met and worked with, someone with a lot of the same gifts that Sheppard seems to have.
While Sheppard was at assigned to the second Deep Space 9, he asked the Doctor's there to study him and help him to figure out some of the medical discrepancies in his file. He finds out that his DNA is different and that most likely he inherited it from his parents. The Doctor's are unable to find out anymore information for him.
Service Record 2224 – Born and left at orphanage on Earth
2242 – 2267 - Joins merchant ship and travels around
2267 – 2271 – Enrolls at Starfleet Academy, Security and Tactical Division.
2271 – 2275 – Receives further education in Intelligence Division
2275 – 2301 – Assigned to Project Sign
2301 – 2315 – Assigned to USS Enterprise – B, Excelsior Class
2315 – 2325 – Assigned to Daystrom Annex on Earth
2325 – 2340 – Assigned to USS Ajax, Apollo Class
2340 – 2360 – Classified
2360 – 2362 – Assigned to Starfleet Headquaters.
2362 – 2365 – Assigned to USS Deneva, Deneva Class.
2365 – 2380 – Assigned to work under Admiral Alynna Nechayev.
2380 – 2385 – Received training in SFMC
2385 – 2399 – Transferred to Deep Space 9 (II)
2399 – Transferred to USS Talos