Lieutenant Commander Thayd Bren

Name Thayd Bren FNP

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill (Joined)
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description While the Commander is not very tall by any standards, he makes up for it by being visibly quite fit. He has dark eyes and black hair which he wears in a traditionalist Royal Navy style and sports a beard. He wears the Federation Naval Patrol summer duty uniform, which uses regulation starfleet uniform pieces; the vest variant uniform with the 3/4 sleeve variant shirt in sciences teal and three golden anchors to his collar denoting naval service. The 3/4 sleeves reveal a crossed anchors tattoo on his right forearm. He wears a black officer's beret with his service badge on away missions.


Spouse (tbd)
Children none
Father Theoden
Mother Damalia
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Unknown

Personality & Traits

Personal History While a competent and generally well-liked officer within Starfleet circles, Thayd is rather unpopular among his own race through no direct action of his own. The Bren symbiote has a divisive reputation acquired over generations, having chosen a series of somewhat unpalatable or unsavory hosts. The manner by which he transits between hosts, outside of the joining program on Trillius Prime and relying on the expertise in Trill biology of Starfleet or Federation medical personnel also marks him as something of a pariah.

The former hosts of the Bren symbiont were:

2159-2248: Kolyat Bren - Con man. Spent his life bilking people under aliases and escaping custody all over Federation space.
2248-2330: Jolan Bren - Musician. Became famous for his music, and a life of drug use and debauchery. Was gunned down by an angry husband.
2330-2393: Ferran Bren - Orion Syndicate operative. Known for his involvement in gun running, smuggling and for his notorious DW privateers.
2393-24??: Thayd Bren - Starfleet Officer
Service Record 2385: Graduated from Starfleet Academy with flying colours with the Sciences department, specializing in biology, physics and geophysics (focus on oceanography).
2385-2389: HMS Darwin - Oceanographic and biological surveys, ecological + rescue operations on the oceans of planets within Federation space.
2389-2394: Naval Patrol Thyra - A Starfleet-operated underwater station on Thyra, home to the Nissari and where his expertise was needed.
2394-2398: USS Lavoisier - Chief Science officer and Second officer / Third shift commanding officer.
2398-2399: USS Talos - Assigned as Executive Officer, overseeing preparations for launch until a Commanding Officer is selected.
2399- : USS Talos - Mission into the Federation Outreach Zone

-Level 4 pilot, allowing him to operate water, underwater and amphibious crafts, shuttlecraft and runabouts.