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Captain Senok

Name Senok

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 65

Physical Appearance

Height 1.9m
Weight 95kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Senok is tall relative to most humans and his structure is heavier than one would expect for a Vulcan. He wears a buzz cut, a style he acquired for simplicity during his years on Aridon, with his grey sides showing. He has also come to wear the un-Vulcan like Goatee.


Spouse Erin Tsukino
Children Karasu Tsukino (S) b. 2382, Aridon
T'ra Tsukino (D) b. 2385, Aridon
Danielle Tsukino (D) b. 2387, Aridon
Father Stone
Mother T'Ran

Personality & Traits

General Overview Captain Senok is different for a Vulcan. This is the result of thirteen years stranded on Aridon. He is mentally stable, but has come to terms with his emotions. After many hours of discussions and debriefing I am recommending he be returned to full duty at his discretion.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Long term leadership
- Overly concerned about losing another crew.
+ Understanding of emotion
- Behaviours frowned upon by other Vulcans.
Ambitions To Explore the Outreach and not get stuck on another planet again.
Hobbies & Interests Exploring new places, Flying, Astronomy, Engineering, Rugby, Spending time with his wife and children

Personal History Senok was born on Vulcan in the capital of Shi'Khar to Commander Stone of the VDF and T'Ran a business owner. He was an average student for a Vulcan and enjoyed sports more than his studies. A set of priorities his father did not approve of. When he passed his studies he was rejected from the Vulcan Science Academy as his scores were deemed insufficient. At his fathers urging he joined the Vulcan Defense Force. He could not get a recommendation of a Commissioned Officer in the VDF and was accepted as an Enlisted Member . He found a Talent for Engineering in Small craft and was promoted fairly quickly to Corporal and with further mentoring made Sergeant two years later. In 2060 with ten years service under his belt he applied to SFA and was accepted on the first try. He was introduced to Rugby and eventually passed tryouts as a Flanker. While at the Academy he met another Cadet, Erin Tsukino, they formed a long lasting relationship. Shortly before Graduation Erin confronted him, and he saw her logic, they were married the day before graduation. Neither parents where happy about it as His parents had already arranged a mate for him and her parents wanted grandchildren from within their culture. They were assigned together on the USS Patton He a an engineer and she as a conn officer. After her first hitch she decided to resign her commission and returned to Earth. Senok , maintained good relationship with her and Sought a new assignment where family could be raised. He eventually was assigned to the Luna Class, USS Triton, where Erin joined him. During this time the Triton got into a battle with an unknown hostile and was forced to land on the planet that came to be known as Aridon. As the Most senior officer alive it fell to him to ensure the survival of the crew. They formed a small colony and started new lives, while at the same time doing all they could to get the attention of any allied vessels. Seventeen years latter the survivors were rescued. Of the 78 Survivors 103 people were rescued, including Senok and Erin's three children that had been born on Aridon. The crew was returned to Earth for debriefing, after which Senok was retroactively promoted to Commander and awarded the Star Cross and Medal of Honour. He was given the choice to retire or continue on Star Fleet, which after a short (10 minute) discussion with his wife, he decided to remain on active duty. He was assigned to the USS S'Ran as the Temporary XO, where he preformed admirably for a year before being offered his own command. It was decided that with his experience in the Outreach he would be a fine candidate to explore the region and was assigned as Master and Commander of the Nucrate Class, USS Talos along with a promotion to Captain..
Service Record 2350 - Joined Vulcan Defence Force as a Aero-Space Engineer
2353 - Promoted tot Corporal
2355 - Promoted to Sergeant
2360 - Attends Star Fleet Academy
2364 - Graduated SFA. Promoted to Ensign Assigned to USS Patton as Engineer
2367 - Promoted to Lieutenant jg. Assigned as Gamma Shift Engineering Chief
2370 - Promoted to Lieutenant. Assigned Assistant Chief Engineer
2379 - Re-assigned to USS Triton as Chief Engineer
2381 - USS Triton Crashes after a Battle on the Uncharted Planet Aridon. As Senior Surviving Officer takes command.
2382 - Retro Active Promotion to Lt Commander
2389 - Retroactive Promotion to Commander
2398 - Rescued from Aridon, Retroactive Promotions approved after debriefing. Assigned to USS S'Ran
2399 - Promoted to Captain, Assigned as CO of USS Talos