Welcome to the USS Talos! We have been assigned to explore the Federation Outreach Zone. Being so far from home with minimal support we will represent the Federation to new worlds and friends. We are primarily a Science vessel but if the need arises we will do our duty and act a Diplomatic Cruiser, a Medical Frigate, A Cargo Vessel and even a Battleship.

We are lead by the Independent minded Vulcan Captain Senok.

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Mission: New Adventures
Posted on Thu Nov 16th, 2017 @ 3:26am by Captain Senok & Lieutenant Sara'Draphia T'eseri

The halls of the Talos looked like every other Federation vessel for the last fifty years. Warm, clean, Carpeted and black panels. The big difference were the extreme curve of the decks main corridors, it was like walking around a type-9 shuttle. The largest deck was deck 4 which contained…